Renew, Refresh, Reinvigorate


The windows are being thrust open and clean, crisp air is clearing away the dusty and musty. It’s time to take advantage of this spring momentum and take a new, unbiased look at our homes. If you committed to a design idea 6 or 7 years ago, it may be time for a fresh and current feel and this is a great season to add/subtract/replace and edit.

Some rooms need to gain a little weight and some need to lose a few lbs. Having said that, when in doubt, take it out! Accessories and items like framed photos, candles, books, and orchids that have lost their vigor – remove these and set them aside. Then take a look at your space unadorned and re-evaluate.

Small changes, like a new mirror in the hallway, a new occasional chair in the living room, a new lamp with a crisp black or white shade, colorful pillows or artwork, can make a space that’s becoming a little tired feel reinvigorated. Statement pieces with classic silhouettes are an easy fix that gives that timeless feel.


Changing our personal spaces gives us renewed energy that will inspire, provide comfort, and offer a playful freshness that your springtime home craves.

My Main Street Makeover


It’s too late to turn back now….. I believe I’m falling in love❤️This 1600 lb beam is being lowered and the roof has been raised! I can’t get over how spacious this once cramped little second floor is.


My Main Street Makeover



Construction or rather deconstruction is underway. My husband still doesn’t know we bought this house….No, he does….Yet still hasn’t stepped on the property since the first day he saw it and turned ashen (not in a good way).

The framing for the kitchen and the foundation for the new master is currently being poured and prepped.

Next up: We’re raising the roof (literally)!

My Main Street Makeover


It’s everything I said I didn’t want in my next house…except smaller.

I was searching for a rambling 60’s ranch; minimalist and simple, with a breezy, California vibe and little to no land.

But sometimes house hunting, like life, is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

So here we are, the surprised but excited owners of a charming 100 year old antique cape on 1+ acre of land; and about to embark on a restoration and renovation adventure. It’s not quite what we were imagining, but somehow it just feels right. We’re in love with our new, old house and can’t wait to turn it into our new home.

I’ll be sharing weekly updates from the front lines of my Main Street Makeover~so while you’re waiting for the next episode of Fixer Upper to start, check in here and check out how it’s going.


No-fail ways to spruce up your space

To add style and create depth in a room, there are two no fail approaches that will amp up any space.

Greenery adds such dimension to a room. Michael’s crafts and NDI are two great resources for stems and greenery, both real and faux. There is something so refreshing about gorgeous trees in a woven basket or large banana leaves in a beautiful vase – they breathe life into a space and can accentuate the beauty of the pieces around it.

In addition to greenery, anything woven (i.e. baskets, rope, tribal hats (particularly hanging on a wall)) add a lot to a space. The texture and sculptural aspect bring warmth and interest into the home.


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